Embed code types

The following options are available:

Auto Embed –(default)  Auto embed is concise embed code and is good for quickly getting a player or widget onto the page without many runtime customizations (flashvars).

Dynamic Embed – This is the preferred method to dynamically embed the VIXY player into web sites and web applications. The advantages over an object or Flash library rewrite are:

o  Fast -  does not have to wait for dom ready to output the Flash or HTML5 player
o  Clean - uses JSON embed configuration for easy runtime customization, no long messy param strings
o  Dynamic - better supports dynamic HTML5 and Flash embed methods, responsive web design, and CSSinheritance of embed target.

Thumbnail Embed–This method takes the same arguments as the dynamic embed. Thumbnail embed passes the entire configuration to the kWidget.embed when the user "clicks" on the play button. This is the recommended method to use when you need to embed many players/entries in the same web page.

Legacy Flash Embed (Object Rewrite) –The basic player rewrites works by including the JavaScript library followed by the Flash object tag embed. This option should be used only when JavaScript cannot be embedded or you don’t require high performance HTML5 support.

Iframe, no page JavaScript embed - iframe embed is good for sites that do not allow 3rd party JavaScript to be embeded on their pages. This mode fits more stringent page security requirements while supporting both Flash and HTML5 dehref="exportinganalyticstoacsvfile.htm">Exporting y..

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