How to add a contact form to your video player (generate leads)

Generate leads and registrations with fill-out forms

Fill-out forms are an easy and effective way to share knowledge, generate leads and simultaneously expand your email file.

You can easily add fill-out fields to your video player so that viewers can directly leave their data. This allows you to actively encourage downloading a white paper, planning an appointment, subscribing to the newsletter or getting in contact with your sales and support division.Within the video player studio you have the abilities to make a video player interactive. In this tutorial we are going to show you how to add a contact form to a video player

Adding a contact form to the video player

  1. Go to the tab video player and click on the videoplayer on which you want to add interactions.
  2. Now go to the look and feel tab (the one with the eye icon).  At the bottom is the tab Contact form. Tick to activate the contact form. Fold the tab to adjust the properties.
    During the proces of making the contact form you can always check the changes by pressing the "Preview Changes" button the top of the screen. It will reload the player.
  3. Main contact form settings
    Here you can set the basics. So where do display the button. Where the filled contact form should go to, etc... Parent: The position within the video player where the button is placed on the contact form 
    Align: Position in relation to the other buttons
    Order: Position in relation to the other buttons
    To: E-mail address where a completed contact form comes in
    From: Can you adjust, but because of spam filters, leave the same
    CC: E-mail address where a completed contact form comes in
    Subject: Subject of the e-mail you receive. If you want something from the key fields to be included, enter @keyname here. 
  4. Fields 
    These are the entry fields that are in the form. The contact form is responsive. We advise you to fine-tune the number of fields with the format of the video Adding a extra field: You can easily add extra fields by filling in the bottom field and click add 
    Removing a field: Remove a field by pressing the remove button
    Make fields required: Select required below the fields you want to make required. 
    Vaild email check: Select if you want us to check if users fill in a valid email address and not some random text
    Small or large fields: Select per field if you want a small field. In the video player below we used two small fields (half a row) and one large field (one row).
  5. Options
    This where you fill in all the text which is displayed in the contact form.
  6. Show the contact form from a specified time or when the playback of the video is done.
    If you want to make the contact form appear after 20 seconds, you can fill in 20. When you als make the form input mandatory, the video will only continue playing when the contact form is filled in. A great way to generate leads especially when you have valuable video content.  
    If you want the contact form to open at the end of the video check the box "Display on playback done".
  7. Style settings
    This is the place where you can style the video player to match the video player and your brand identity.
  8. Now save the video player.

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