Add SRT subtitles to your player

SRT is the most basic of all subtitle formats. It consists of four parts, all in text..

1. A number indicating which subtitle it is in the sequence.
2. The time that the subtitle should appear on the screen, and then disappear.
3. The subtitle itself.
4. A blank line indicating the start of a new subtitle.

It's especially important to add a correct time notation to your subtitle format, like above. Notations like "1:10 - 1:23" will not result in a correctly displayed subtitle. 

Step 1: create a .SRT file with a correct time format using a simple editor like: Notepad or TextEdit.

Here is an example SRT file:

00:02:17,440 --> 00:02:20,375
Senator, we're making
our final approach into Coruscant.

00:02:20,476 --> 00:02:22,501
Very good, Lieutenant.

Step 2: upload .SRT file to a video in VIXY

1. Go to the Content -> Manage tab and select the video where you want to upload a subtitle. 
2. Go to the Captions tab -> Choose "Add Another Caption"
3. Under "Action" choose -> Upload File. 
4. Set your "Language" and "Label" and choose "Save" or "Save & Close" at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 3: enabling subtitles for viewing in the VIXY player

1. Go to the Studio -> Universal Studio tab and select the player where you want to display subtitles. 
2. Click on the eye (look & feel) icon on the left -> Enable 'Closed captions"
3. If desired: change the layout. Additionally, you can choose 'Enable options menu" to let customers choose the layout themselves. 
4. Save player settings. 

That's it! You're all set.

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