How to request a video URL (.mp4) from VIXY

The below path shows the parameters to request a direct .MP4 URL for video playback via the CDN.


There are some cases in publishing your videos where you need a direct link to the .MP4, instead of embedding the video player which in turn requests the .MP4 streaming link. For example where you want to embed the video in the header of your WordPress site (sometimes only a .mp4 is allowed) or in any other CMS or DAM system where you need to post a .mp4 playback URL. 

We do not encourage this as a standard way of embedding your videos, however in some occasions, you can only provide a direct .mp4 URL. In these cases, you can change the parameters of the following example URL. 

Example URL to a .MP4:


P = Partner ID

SP = Partner ID with two zeros

Entry ID = The video entry that you want to request 

Flavor ID = The flavor of that video entry you want to request, such as the 1920 * 1080 HD flavor. 

You can change the parameters (in bold) in the above URL to request your own video via the VIXY CDN. 

Get the parameters from VIXY:

1. After login, open the Content -> Entries tab and select the video you want to embed. 

2.1. Go to the 'Flavors' tab and select the Flavor you want to request the direct mp4 URL. Select 'Preview' under the ... icon to view both the Entry & Flavor ID. 

2.2. Replace the above URL with your own Entry ID and Flavor ID.

3.1 Under the settings tab -> integration settings you find your Partner ID & Sub Partner ID. 

3.2. Replace the Partner ID & Sub Partner ID in the URL with your own. 

Important notes

- Access control for the video entry should be set to 'Public' (Standard setting). 

- Support for video playback analytics is limited, as most playback events are sourced via the video player. Bandwidth/traffic stats are still sourced.

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