VIXY management console overview

The VIXY Online Video Platform (OVP) is a media asset management front-end application to the VIXY Platform. The OVP provides publishers all the tools necessary to manage and publish their media assets in one intuitive interface.  

Introducing the next generation VIXY OVP

The VIXY Online Video Platform (OVP) is a media asset management front-end application to the VIXY Platform. The OVP provides publishers all the tools necessary to manage and publish their media assets in one intuitive interface.  

The VIXY Online Video Platform (OVP) is an HTML5 based version that has been redeveloped with a new engaging design, new additional features, and performance improvements.

New Functionality

This section lists some of the major changes and improvements that are offered with the new OVP application.


All OVP software and components are no longer in Flash. The new HTML5 based software’s engaging design provides a unified, consistent user experience throughout the platform.  All the OVP pages, and flows were revised and improved along with performance improvements.

Content Creation and Editing

We added support for uploading videos that are greater than 2GB with a new Upload Monitoring feature. The Upload Monitor presents all current uploads’ status. The Upload Monitor is located on the top navigation bar for quick access from any page on the OVP. The VIXY Video Editing Tool is now available from the OVP and allows you to Clip or Trim media, place advertisements at selected points in your media’s timeline and many other editing features.

Entries List and Details

Share and Embed

Many new sorting enhancements have been added to the Players List. The Players List may be sorted by name, upload date, update date. The Players List has also been updated and all irrelevant and legacy players were removed.

What Can I Do with the OVP?

You can:

  • Upload content and perform bulk ingestion
  • Transcode and manipulate media assets
  • Manage metadata profiles and high-precision temporal-metadata
  • Design and customize branded media players
  • Control and manage end-user entitlements to content in applications 
  • Create static and dynamic rule-based playlists
  • View analytics and gain insights about how well your content is performing
  • Configure live streaming web broadcasts
  • Syndicate and distribute content across the web
  • Configure ads and leverage ad networks
  • Manage access control profiles and limit access to published media
  • Manage your VIXY account settings
  • Create VIXY users, roles and assign permissions

and more…

Media Management and Workflow

The OVP provides full media management so that you can organize and track your online video system, functions and rich-media content. The following presents a simple workflow to manage content.

  • Uploading and Ingestion - upload and ingest video, audio, images and docs, bulk or individual file uploads, via browser, desktop applications, email or mobile.
  • Transcoding and Processing – convert videos into multiple flavors (optimized output files) and create transcoding profiles to ensure optimal viewing experience on all devices.
  • Creating and Customizing Players  - control player size, color, fonts and branding. Add or remove buttons, enable subtitles, sharing, and more.
  • Creating and Customizing Playlists - Create manually or dynamically generated playlists.
  • Managing Metadata and Categories - leverage metadata fields to tag, manage, search and expose content. Populate out-of-the-box fields or create your own custom metadata schema. Create content packages, including a set of video transcodes, multiple thumbnails in different sizes, metadata, subtitles, scheduling data, and more.
  • Locating Content in the OVP - use categories, tags, and any of your custom metadata fields to locate any file, or search caption files for phrases within the video.
  • Managing Access Control Profiles  - control exactly when and where your content is published; decide who can do what within the OVP.
  • Configuring OVP Users and Roles - use out-of-the-box roles and permissions or create your own custom roles with granular permissions.
  • Managing Categories - provide a logical structure for your site and assist with content management.
  • Moderation and Editorial Workflows - to eliminate spam and abusive content in UGC portals. Implement complex editorial workflows for your various team roles.
  • Using Subtitles and Captions - upload multiple caption files (SRT, XML) and transcripts (TXT), or reference an external link. Viewers can toggle between different language captions.
  • Live Streaming - schedule and broadcast live events. Includes all the features of on-demand video.
  • Content Authoring Tools - trim and clip videos.
  • Publishing to your Site - manage content, create playlists, preview and embed to your sites. Provide the optimal viewing experience across all devices with seamless mobile and tablet support.
  • Advertising and Ad Networks- advertise, integrate with ad networks, and enable payment models.
  • Creating and Tracking Analytics - get the insight you need on viewer behavior with built-in reports.
  • Account Information- modify user information, integration settings and registration information.

Studio Player Design and Configuration

The Universal Studio enables users to directly customize VIXY player toolkit players. The VIXY Player Toolkit uses a unified HTML, CSS and JavaScript runtime to drive all players. For a more complete list of advantages of the VIXY Player Toolkit over previous versions see the VIXY Player Toolkit page. The Universal studio itself reflects these advantages and enables a much more robust configurability. The Universal Studio provides many more powerful tools for player customization leveraging the player toolkits clean separation of JSON configuration, JavaScript components and CSS based themes. 

We highly recommend that you update your players to the latest Universal Studio players.

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