Getting started with VIXY Video

Thank you for choosing the VIXY Video platform! This document contains a number of tips for beginners to help you get started with our video platform.

Logging into the VIXY Online Video Platform 

The above-mentioned login portal is perhaps the most important part of this document. Make sure you save this link somewhere where you can easily reach it because this will take you to your VIXY Video Platform:

Once you have logged in, you will be redirected to the content page of your Online Video platform. The video platform looks like this:

As you can see there are a wide range of options to look at. We will deal with all of these globally.

Uploading your video content

To start uploading your first video content you want to select the white button in the top right hand corner titled CREATE.From here you can pick from a number of options to upload your video. Once you choose the video or video‚Äôs you want to upload you will be able to track their progress from the upload control panel. 

Once the video is uploaded the platform will start converting your video in 6 different flavours. So depending on the device and internet connection we are able to deliver the best video streaming experience.


Metadata is simply data about data. It means it is a description and context of the data. It helps to organize, find and understand data. In this case adding metadata means adding a title, descriptions, tags, categories and more to your video. 

In order to add metadata to a video we need to go to the CONTENT tab and click on the video you want to enrich.

This will open up the options tab for the video. By default it will have the metadata tab open but if for whatever reason this isn't the case, you can find it at the very top of the list.

Adding a thumbnail

In order to add or change a thumbnail you need to go to the CONTENT tab and click on the video you want to enrich.

Once you have arrived here, click on the header called thumbnails. Here you get the option to upload a thumbnail yourself or to select a frame from your video.

When you have selected a frame or uploaded a thumbnail, you can select it as the default. As soon as you do this, the thumbnail of your video is officially adjusted.

Embedding Your Video

To get access to the embedding info for your video we need to go to the CONTENT tab and from there select the three dots next to our video and select Share & embed. 

Once here you will find everything to embed the video on your website.

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