How to add a bumper video

Let your video player short videos (or ads) before your regular videos start using the bumper video feature.

How to add a bumper video (intro video, video ad, etc).

Let's imagine we are an online clothing store who host a bunch of videos on their website to show the different clothing lines we offer. We recently started a Christmas campaign which hosts all kinds of discounts and offers. For this campaign we created a short 7 second ad which we want to play before our regular videos. 

We can put these short ads before our regular videos using the bumper video feature. Even though in this example we are using the bumper video as an ad it can also be used for a wide range of other uses, such as an intro for example. 

To find the bumper video feature we must navigate to the VIDEO PLAYER button which can be found in the top left corner of the VIXY Video Platform.

Once here, you can edit your existing player or create a new one depending on your needs.

Once you are in the PLAYER STUDIO, find the dollar icon in the left panel. 

Once here, simply select the box behind the bumper button so that it gets a checkmark. 

After this, click on the Bumper button to see the various options.

Under bumper entry id you can select the video that you want to enable the bumper on.

Under Click URL you can put the link to which people will be directed once they click on the video during you ad. In this example it links to

The pre and post-sequence index symbolize the playing of the bumer before and/or after your video. In our example the bumper plays both before the video starts and after the video has ended. By changing the post-sequence index value to 0, the bumper will no longer play our bumper after the video, only before.

Another handy tool which we used in our example is the Skip button label. This enables viewers to skip the ad after a specified amount of time. In our case we set the Skip offset to 5 which means that after 5 seconds a viewer is able to skip our advertisement. 

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