Streaming video without a video player

In some cases you might want to stream video without using a video player or without the video controls visible. For example, when you want to use video in the background of your website.

If you just want to hide the controls in your videoplayer please take a look at this article:

Hide scrubber, playerbar or large playbutton

Please note that using the video player has multiple advantages over streaming a video without a player as our player also collects viewing & usage statistics, enables adaptive bitrate streaming and additional security. Just to name a few. 

How to get the direct video-URL

If you want to stream a video file directly from VIXY without the use of a player, you need the direct url of the video. The following URL is an example of a direct video stream URL:

As you might notice the url contains 3 unique parts. So to re-create a direct video url of your own you need to replace them with your own input:

  • Partner id (128 in our case)
  • Entry id (0_mdkek2nc) → this is also referred to as the video number
  • Flavour / Asset id (0_7c8ufiyh) → this is the specific video rendition

Follow the next steps 

  1. Login to your VIXY account
  2. Your partner ID can be found under the settings tab in our example 128

  3. Now go to the video entry you would like to stream without the video player. The entry id can be found on the overview page, but also on the top left when you click on an video. The entry id is 0_mdkek2nc in our example.
  4. Go to 'Flavors' tab. Now you can choose the quality you would like to stream. Since you are not using the videoplayer with adaptive bitrate streaming you have to choose what quality and file you want to use. In our example we used the 720p asset / flavour: 0_7c8ufiyh

  5. Now all you need to do is replace the account ID, entry ID and flavor ID in the url with your own and you are able to directly stream video, without using the VIXY video player.

Good luck!

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