How to display metadata from a video in your video player

You can display data from any metadata field of a video as a layer in your video player. 

Examples where this might be useful to display this data:

  • shown the actual price of a product that is displayed in the video
  • add the source from the video (for example an external news agency

In the following steps, we will show you how it's done:

Step 1: Login to your account and go to settings > custom data

Write down the ID of the metadata schema you want to use de data from and also the name of the field. For example 271 & Source

Step 2: Go to the video player studio and open the video player you want to add the metadata to. Go to the plugin tab > ui variables

Add in the first field: metadataProfileId 

And in the second field the metadata ID: 271

Step 3: Now add a button to the video player and fill the following in the text field {mediaProxy.entryMetadata.} followed by the name of the metadata field. 

In our example:


You can style the button and the text in any way you please.  The text will only be displayed when there is actual data in the metadata field belonging to that video

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