Working with video playlists and related videos

VIXY’s playlist functionality allows you to embed a serie of videos on your site or app with a single embed code.

You can choose to view the playlist inside the video player or when the video playback is done (as related videos) or below/next the video player - we call this a ‘Playlist player’. We go more into the differences of these two later. What matters most is that you first create lists containing the videos, and these lists can be updated manually (one by one) or rule-based (automatically based on tags and categories).


When should you use a video playlist?

  1. You want to provide the user with a seamless viewing experience.
  2. You are looking for a quick and convenient way to embed a series of videos on your website with a single embed code - without the need to use the API. 
  3. You work with media partners and want to provide them (or sell!) an easy embeddable list of videos from your media library. Furthermore, you want to stay in control of the videos that are being displayed on their website. For example: a news agency (VIXY’s client in this case) might work with a partner in the sport industry: they provide a convenient playlist embed code with the latest sports related content from their media library - which will be updated periodically. The partner embeds this playlist on their website while the news agency stays in control of the content being displayed. When this news agency uploads new content in VIXY and assigns these videos to the category ’Sport’, the videos appear automatically in the playlist on the site of the partner (as this is a rule-based sports playlist).

Example of a playlist player

Example of a player with related videos 

(the videos are shown inside the player at playback done, rather than below or at the side)

Use case (News Agency)

Step 1: Create a video playlist

Go to Content -> Playlists -> Select "Add Playlist"

A pop-up window will appear with the option to choose a 'Manual Playlist' or smart 'Rule-Based Playlist'. With a manual playlist you can add multiple videos one by one and choose the order of the videos, a rule-based playlist can for example display all the videos of 1 category and display the most viewed videos on top. 

Add a Manual Playlist

1. Select 'Manual Playlist' in the pop-up box. 

2. Click on the green button 'Add Entry' to add new videos to your playlist. 

3. Click on the + icon for the videos you want to add to your playlist. 

4. Click on the green button right on top to add your videos. 

5. By clicking on the option-icon (right of each video) you can remove a video from a playlist or move it up or down the list. 

Or: add a Rule-Based Playlist

1. Select 'Rule-Based Playlist' in the pop-up box. 

2. Click on the "+ Add Rule" button on top of the playlist, define a name for your rule (for example "most popular videos of the week"). 

3. When you select categories, the playlist will be updated automatically when new videos are added to this category. 

4. You can order videos in the playlist by 'Most played', 'Most recent' or 'Highest rated'.

Step 2: Create a player to view your playlist and embed the player or playlist on your website

You can choose between:

  • A playlist player (other videos are shown at the side or below the player)
  • A normal player with related videos functionality (the other videos are shown inside the player frame, or for example when playback is done). See below!

Add a playlist player

1. Go to Video Player -> Player Studio in the top menu. Select 'Add new player'.

2. In the Basic Display Settings -> Select the box 'Playlist'.

3. Next, go to the 'Look & Feel' tab (by clicking on the eye-icon on the left). 

4. Change the 'Playlist Configuration Settings' and 'Playlist Controls' under the item 'Playlist setup' (hover on the options will display a tooltip). 

5. Save the player settings (button right on top 'Save Player Settings'). 

EMBEDDING: To embed the playlist on your site you have to go back to the 'Content' view in the main menu and click on the Playlists section. Here you can press the option menu and preview & embed the playlist. 

Add a player with related videos

1. Go to Video Player -> Player Studio in the top menu. Select 'Add new player' or open an existing player. 

2. In the Basic Display Settings -> Now select the box 'Entries'.

3. Next, go to the 'Look & Feel' tab (by clicking on the eye-icon on the left) and enable the Related videos functionality by clicking on the checkbox. 

4. Choose 'Playlist ID' under 'Related Entries Source'. 

5. Optionally: you can set the related videos to display when playback of the video is done and you can set the video player to automatically continue to the next video (Auto continue enabled). 

6. Save the player settings (button right on top 'Save Player Settings').

EMBEDDING: Embed the video by going to the Content -> Entries menu and clicking on the option menu on the right. See below. 

That's it!

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