How to setup a livestream from your iPhone or iPad

There may be times when you need to broadcast live & on the go. If you don’t have a camcorder ready, your iPhone camera is a suitable alternative to use for your live streaming. VIXY makes it easy to stream live from iPhone from anywhere in the world

Follow these five easy steps on how to use VIXY to stream live from iPhone.

1. Download an app for livestreaming from the App Store

For iOS, we recommend Airmix Solo made by Teradek ( . It is free to use and you can stream to any RTMP destination.  For now download the app. We get into al the setting of the app in step 3.

2. Open your VIXY account and create your Stream URL

Login to your VIXY account on click on the 'Create' button top right. On the following screen click on Create Live Stream Entry. 

Now you are going to create a location to stream to. Make sure that in the following screen you check the following settings are set correctly:

  • Stream Type: Must be set to ' VIXY Live streaming (HDS/HLS/DASH)'
  • Name: Choose the name for your livestream
  • Description: Short description for yourself of the event
  • Live Transcoding Profiles: ' Default - Live'

When everything is set correctly press on the 'Create' button. A new screen will appear. Press on 'Yes'.
Now that you created "Your own livestream event" entry you can retrieve the streaming url. Click on the tab 'Live Stream'; on the left.

Here you will find the Stream URL (Primary URL) and Stream Name as shown in the window below.

When you click on share & embed you will see the url & embedcode for your live stream video player. Here you live stream will be broadcasted.

3. Open your chosen iPhone livestreaming app (Airmix Solo)

The first time you open Airmix Solo you will have to give them acces to your bluetooth, camera, microphone and photo's. After that is done a new screen will appear. On this screen choose "Custom RTMP" and on the next screen that will appearfollowing screen choose RTMP(s).

A screen will open where you can fill in the  URL (Primary URL) and Stream Name that you just created in the VIXY Online Video Platform.

1. Copy your unique Stream URL and paste it into URL field. For example:


2. Copy your unique Stream Name and put it after the Stream URL. Then paste it into the stream field and press done. For example:


4. Secure a stable internet connection

When you want to stream live from iPhone - you need a stable  internet connection. A note about connection speed when you stream live from iPhone: your mobile data on 4G or LTE is generally not sufficient for this use. You need to have a strong and constant internet connection in order to deliver high-quality streams. You want to connect to a wireless internet network and be as close as possible to the router. If Wi-Fi isn’t available in the area, then you may want to use a hotspot.

In the live streaming industry, it is commonly accepted that you should maintain a connection speed of at least 750 KBPS. For higher quality streams, a minimum of 2 MBPS is necessary. It is also generally recommended that your upload speed is twice as fast as the quality at which you want to stream. You can test your internet speed for secure video upload at to gauge your connection at your present location.

On the top left corner press on the blue settings icon and go to encoder settings.


5. Start recording from your camera and microphone.

Ok you are almost ready to start live streaming. Now just setup the app and add your camera as a source. To do this you have to swipe on the left side of your screen to the right. A menu will appear where you should press "Add New Source" and then select "iOS Camera".

To remove the overlay do the same thing but in this case swipe on the right side of your screen to the left. Click on "Clear".

6. Broadcast live!

Now that you have everything set up, you’re ready to go live. Press on the Go Live! button. If you followed the above steps correctly, your live stream should be working at this point! Within 30 to 60 seconds, the live stream should appear from your iPhone camera. This means you’re now ready to stream live from iPhone to your viewers!

We hope this guide makes it easier for you to set up your live broadcast. As we’ve highlighted above, all you need is a good internet connection, your unique Stream URL (RTMP link) and an iPhone. Now you can stream live from iPhone from wherever you are.

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