How to add a logo and personal color scheme to a video player

Customize your own video player, add a logo and your brands personal color scheme

Adding a logo and personal color scheme to a video player

  1. After you have uploaded your first videos to VIXY you may want to create your own branded video player. To create your own video player go to "VIDEO PLAYER"

  2. Here you can change an existing video player or create a new one by pressing "Add New player"

  3. When you have arrived here, click on the eye icon on the left side of the page. Navigate to option titled "Button". Make sure it is selected and select “Add new button”

  4. When you select the new button, you will get the following options:

  5. From here, you navigate to "state normal" where you can add an image with the "select" button. Once the logo has been added you can add other functions such as the page that opens when you click on the logo and the location of the logo.

  6. Now that you have added your logo to the player it's time to really make the video player your own by customizing the color scheme. 
  7. In the same dropdown list that we located the “Button” option we can also find an option called “Customstyles”. Here you can change every aspect of the video to your player as seen below. You can make buttons and elements completely see through or more prominent.

    It's up to you. 

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